Jul 29, 2013

Farmer cool

Campina is The Netherlands’ national dairy brand, enjoying the status of ‘last man standing’ following numerous mergers of the previously regional players. But with lively competition from Denmark’s Arla, nothing can be taken for granted, hence this dramatic new look for Campina’s organic sub-brand Boeren land. No more peaceful rural ‘view from the barn’, but in comes a sexy jeans patch, with assorted typography thrown liberally around the pack to suggest a more natural approach to life in general, not just farming or milk production. Hey, they even tucked the corporate logo behind some type, at a squiffy angle…

I can imagine a young aspirational target group taking to this new language of bucolic cool very readily, and they might even enjoy the wordplay inherent in the new branding. ‘Boer en Land’ has a subtly different meaning to Boeren land (in a similar way to innocent’s ‘strawberries’ being a million miles away from everyone else’s ‘strawberry’). Is it ‘authentic’ in the sense of the real story behind the 140 family farms who provide all the organic milk? Perhaps not, but will it make organic food fashionable again? You bet, just as long as it remains aware how fickle followers of fashion can be.