“Look how tasteful I am”

Posted by Steve on Sep 20th 2011 in: Bread, Cereals & Cakes, The silent salesman revisited

Dorset cereals packaging among other cereals

The success and subsequent rampant copying of the dorset cereals design aesthetic reveals that they were definitely ‘on to something’.

By any conventional measure of standout this pack has very little, until you realise that it’s all about different worldviews. To devoted buyers of Kellogg’s Special K and Coco Pops this pack is invisible; but to people who might have grown up with Alpen and Jordans, and whose taste in cooking, clothes and interior design has moved on a lot since then, this packaging must have prompted a deep, emotional sigh of relief: “At last, a Muesli that understands me!”

The foil-blocking is a masterstroke, elevating a small, worthy-looking box to the status of a cosmetic. “Why do I buy dorset cereals? Because I’m worth it!”