Ceci n’est pas une bouteille

Posted by Steve on Apr 25th 2012 in: Packaging around the world, Water & Soft drinks, What is authentic?

Danish orange Juice carton packaging with a juice bottle printed on it

Whilst the packaging material of choice for naturally produced, ‘authentic’ juices is clearly glass, here’s an artful example of getting many of the benefits of a heavy, expensive, charmingly old-fashioned bottle without having to actually use one! I have no idea if Danish juice brand Rynkeby uses or has ever used such a bottle, but for me it doesn’t really matter – I believe in this bottle (and the associated story of the juice) as surely as the fact that Magritte smoked a pipe.

Takeout: Works for me. It really shouldn’t, but it does. The trick is using the carton as a canvas, which effectively disappears.