Ice with that?

Posted by Steve on Feb 01st 2013 in: Refreshing packaging, Water & Soft drinks

Juices Bottles on Supermarket Shelf

Ice is quickly associated with being really thirsty, and here’s a brand that has traded on a story of ‘keeping it cool, so you get the best’ for many years.

When it launched, Coolbest was uniquely packaged in this tall, slim carton that made ‘big brick’ tetrapaks look a bit passé, but now both the ice and the pack format have been adopted by private label. In this shot the supermarket brand is certainly offering bigger fruit, but looks a lot less like it is freshly cut by a team of knife-wielding cool guys inside a glacier (I’m cheating, I remember the original ads). It’s staying ahead by a whisker, but I’d be intensifying the ice-cool brand image even more to remain distinctive.