Now you see me…

Posted by Steve on Apr 17th 2013 in: American Packaging, Biscuits & Crackers, Crisps, Snacks & Nuts, Packaging around the world

Pepperidge Farm Biscuits range on a supermarket shelf

Pepperidge Farm made a corner of the consumer’s mind all their own when they first launched white paper-feel bags to imitate corner-shop bakers. Whilst the conviction of the original packs seems to have been watered down judging by the right side of this display, at least they’re getting it right with Kids’ sub-brand Goldfish. The new branding (on the orange and blue packs) is stronger and ‘fishier’, with flavour codes and the ‘baked’ message significantly clearer. Better get round to the ‘Flavor Blasted’ range quickly, that looks like a fish out of water.