A material difference

Posted by Steve on May 11th 2015 in: Are brands re-discovering ‘visual authenticity’?, Meat & Fish

Stegeman Sausages Packagingon Albert Heijn Supermarket

The form and material of packaging is by far the most effective storytelling tool in the designer’s box. It needs no words to instantly send the brain’s system 1 to the right place and time. This is easy to appreciate when dealing with form-rich packaging like the Coke bottle or Bonne Maman’s ‘visual proverb’ of a jam jar.

To achieve it in sausage and sliced meat packaging is another level altogether, but Holland’s Stegeman has always gone the whole hog when it re-considers its packaging design. This latest incarnation has reinvented plastic foil as utterly convincing ‘Butcher’s paper’. You really need to feel it, but it’s also supported graphically by the true colours of the butcher’s shop: Pinky-buff and oxblood red. Bright coding colours on a black panel simulate the chalkboard display to complete the story. Meaty stuff!