Craft de l’Artiste

Posted by Steve on May 11th 2015 in: Are brands re-discovering ‘visual authenticity’?, Confectionery & Chocolate

Nestle Chocolate Crafted Packaging Netherlands Shelf

Named after an artist’s studio or workshop, the craft pretensions of this new range from global giant Nestlé are boldly stamped onto its matt paper banderol effect.

The sub-brand typeface is true to a period of basic letterpress printing, and the stamp effect (which includes the Nestlé logo – bet that wasn’t in the guidelines) has just the right amount of printer’s ink missing to feel authentic. A vivid brushstroke of variety coding seems to have been applied by a watercolorist’s brush.

As for the product itself, it may be that this feature of ‘open-top’ ingredients peeking through is a traditional chocolatier skill that I am unaware of. But I admire the tenacity of the production team who found a way to imitate individuality of each piece, using a process previously dedicated to conformity.

I could be picky about the numerous clues that this design is ultimately pure pastiche, but that would miss the point. This is ‘craft’ chocolate for the masses, and a great example of the blending of codes that I expect many major brands to adopt, to capture at least some of the craft wave.