Getting the message across

Posted by Steve on May 11th 2015 in: Are brands re-discovering ‘visual authenticity’?, Dairy products, Packaging around the world

Mjólkursamsalan Dairy Co-operative special black packaging

My first thought on seeing this milk fridge (plus infographic poster) in an Icelandic supermarket was that I had chanced upon the most radically-redesigned pack in history.

In most countries Milk is sold via very clear colour codes, for full-fat, semi-skimmed, homogenised, etc. Why would anyone change a yellow pack with a bold red stripe (communicating the addition of D Vitamins) into a black chalkboard covered in text, written in 10 different antique typefaces? Was it now flavoured with Jack Daniel’s?

Two clues: The black pack isn’t on the website of brand owner Mjólkursamsalan Dairy Co-operative, and it was created by an advertising agency. After much Googling around, I worked out that this is a promotional pack to raise funds for a new bone density scanner, to help address Osteoporosis in Iceland’s senior population.

Of course the use of old-fashioned poster graphics isn’t aimed at the seniors – they are all too young to remember anything as archaic as this. It’s firmly aimed at the younger market who can stand it next to the cornflakes and think how cool fundraising can be, when it looks this good.