Spartan elegance

Posted by Steve on May 11th 2015 in: Are brands re-discovering ‘visual authenticity’?, Confectionery & Chocolate

Leonidas Chocolate Crafted Packaging

The remarkable thing about this packaging is the contrast between the ornate and traditional style of the 78-year-old logo, and the simple line work and stamp effect print of the illustrations. With most Belgian chocolate brands seemingly stuck in the pomp and circumstance of being a Belgian chocolatier, this humble yet elegant style comes as a welcome surprise.

It tells me a story of a master craftsman working with very pure and simple ingredients, which is pretty much what we want from a brand today, isn’t it? Not all the variants work as well as the best ones, but nevertheless it got me to try what I’ve always thought as a stuffy and old-fashioned praline brand.

The title for this post is explained by the brand’s website: ‘In 1937, Basilio Kestekides officially incorporated the Leonidas brand and logo to protect his products. As a symbol, he chooses the image of the warrior Leonidas, King of Sparta. By choosing such a strong figure to represent his brand, Basilio demonstrates his ambition, and more importantly, respect for his uncle (Leonidas) and his Greek roots.’