The craft of theatre

Posted by Steve on May 11th 2015 in: Are brands re-discovering ‘visual authenticity’?, Personal care

Kiehl's Crafted Packaging

Welcome to Kiehl’s New York Pharmacy (Madrid branch).

You can now find these stores in the trendiest districts of the world’s cities, since the company discovered that staying in the past has become extremely fashionable.

In the theatrical setting of your own beautifully designed retail space, with no competitors in sight, packaging can forget noisy neighbours and really get into character. In this case that calls for an all-American script logo, old-fashioned typesetting with crude underlining, and a (very) long product story that would be at home in a 18th century pamphlet for snake oil: ‘The genuine article and guaranteed cure that relieves everything instantaneously’ kind of story.

Actually the technique of imagining the perfect store can be very helpful to conjure up the right packaging story. And a quick look at the prices in Kiehl’s will convince anyone that it certainly cures ‘bottom-line ailments’.