Dutch and Spanish Chocolate Milk Brands Packaging

Most European countries have a heritage brand of chocolate milk, with an enviable position in the consumer’s mind as their first memory of the intoxicating taste of chocolate.

That makes nostalgia part of their DNA to some degree, which allows them to fuse the past and the present more seamlessly than brands in many other categories. This is often expertly communicated in both packaging and advertising, as these two examples show.

Chocomel’s on-the-go bottle looks bold and bang up to date yet full of rich heritage. This is largely due to the consistent use of its rich, flat orange-yellow colourway, but the delightful retro styling of the hand and glass motif adds extra credibility.

Meanwhile Spain’s Cacaolat has revived old bottle forms and graphics for its packaging, and has also brought back some famous advertising imagery featuring people carrying a giant bottle on their shoulders. The people have changed a bit, but the message remains clear: ‘As good today as it’s always been’. That’s a communication objective that all established brands should want to include in their next brief.