Apr 8, 2014

…and by the sack-load

Wholefoods has an extensive collection of tasteful and ethically sourced chocolate brands, to the extent that it uses other supermarkets’ niche brands (like Green & Blacks and Divine) as its mainstream offer. Amongst the collection of fair-traded, eco-friendly, all-natural choices, this freshly redesigned pack charmed its way into my basket. I’d be astonished if it didn’t increase sales significantly, compared with the previous design (visible, but only just, on the right).

Graphically modest yet impactful, its secret weapon is the paper stock used to play ‘pretend cocoa bean sack’. In conjunction with the real hand-tied piece of raffia, touching and opening this pack is a truly rewarding sensual experience. Ironically real sackcloth would just be silly, inefficient, dirty and inappropriate. But the metaphor delivers the goods, making this my #packofthemonth.