Mar 10, 2015

Baked-in attraction

We’ve already seen how ‘natural’, ‘transparent’ and ‘simple’ codes connect to an aura of health without saying a word. But words can help to provide the final nudge to credibility and trust. Just think how many times you didn’t want that restaurant dessert until you read the word ‘caramelised’.

In Snackland that word is ‘baked’, evoking as it does a homely activity as well as a dry and crispy product, with no evidence of the fats that may lurk inside. For these new Sunbites products the design language reinforces these associations, with our old friend matt foil, as well as muted pastel colours and a handdrawn logo. Even the product is depicted as part of an idyllic natural, outdoor scene to reinforce a sense of well-being, as well as supporting the brand story.

In keeping with some of the newer codes the logo is neither a badge nor trying to dominate the pack, but otherwise conventions are obeyed and consumers will feel they can carry on snacking without the need to call on the services of the food doctor.