Apr 25, 2012

Bring back the pencils and stencils

Ah, our old friends Yeo Valley, or ‘Yeo Valley family farm’ as we must now call them. This story has always been true, but as recently as October 2010 I commented on the previous new design, heading into major brand/high impact/low emotion territory just as everyone else started bearing their authentic souls. Resistance was clearly futile, so now Yeo Valley will be wearing its heart on its sleeve too. A more subtle part of the design change is the playing down of ‘organic’ to a chatty ‘by the way’ claim, as this has become a fairly toxic word in the UK, meaning ‘expensive’.

Takeout: a brave attempt to swim against the tide didn’t work, showing the sheer power of the ‘no factory’ wing of the authentic trend we’re in at the moment.