1. Retail therapy at the airport

    Posted by Steve on Nov 01st 2014 in: Retail therapy at the airport

    Milka Chocolate display at airport with purple cow shape

    The shopping experience once known as ‘Duty Free’ but now known as ‘Travel Retail’ is a fascinating place. Naturally it owes much of its unique status to the very specific mindset of its captive consumer audience: We are all on our way to another country, for business, on holiday, or to see someone special. In…

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  2. Veuve Clicquot Champagne display at the airport

    It seems obvious in hindsight, but you’ve got to applaud the insight that Veuve Cliquot now mines with great panache, to distinguish its brand from dozens of other champagnes: Travellers love accessories. For besuited business blokes it’s a quick rummage in the electrical section, hoping to find yet another bargain camera or an iPhone charging…

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  3. Johnnie Walker display at the airport simulating Louis Vuitton Luggage

    Still on the theme of making people feel good about themselves (which is pretty much the whole point of brands anyway), Johnnie Walker has been working hard to encourage businessmen and women to see themselves as Explorers. Doesn’t that sound a whole lot better than ‘number-crunching knowledge worker catching the last flight home’? The Explorers’…

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  4. Defining character

    Posted by Steve on Oct 31st 2014 in: Retail therapy at the airport, Wines & Spirits

    Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Jack Daniel's displays

    There’s a fine line between symbolism and caricature and this particular manifestation of Captain Morgan just crossed it. Looking like a prop at the Year Six performance of Peter Pan, I don’t think I can take his products seriously. I know he’s not meant to be taken that seriously, but this is alcohol, after all….

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  5. Toblerone's airport display with Amsterdam canal houses shape

    I don’t know the proportion of global sales of Toblerone delivered by the Travel Retail channel, but with regular room-sized promotional campaigns it has to be significant. This time it’s a special souvenir pack personalised to the city you’ve just visited, stacked high and wide in a glittering walk-through display of triangular gold graphics and…

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