1. An arabian adventure

    Posted by Steve on Feb 16th 2012 in: An Arabian adventure

    Riyadh skyline

    Welcome to the new edition of Shelf Life, with more ‘stories that sell’ from the supermarket It’s always exciting to explore the shelves of a country that I’ve never visited before, because it gives me the chance to be surprised by the exotic and the familiar in equal measure. Saudi Arabia didn’t disappoint, with some…

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  2. Cereals section in a supermarket in Saudi Arabia

    Despite first impressions this store doesn’t only cater to seven-foot tall customers, but has an innovative approach to merchandising with an extra couple of shelves and a full-length display card on top of those. Apparently it’s easier to restock from the shelves above than shuffling stock around on trolleys. The top two rows also provide…

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  3. chips multipack boxes on shelf in Saudi Arabia

    Just when I thought big boxes of cereals or detergent were the most standout items in the store, I was hit between the eyes by this re-interpretation of the chips multipack. Containing only 14 small bags of 30g, these must take the prize for simultaneously selling the largest volume of both ink and air. I’m…

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  4. Cupcake mix packets on shelf in a supermarket

    In the last blog I commented on the lost opportunity to capitalise on the trendiness of cupcakes by UK home-baking packaging. Cupcakes are also hot here in Saudi, but as you can see the retailers are getting a bit more behind the idea. Not sure Betty’s packaging is quite living up to the full potential of…

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  5. Milk and dairy products in a supermarket in Arabia Saudi

    Part of my challenge during this visit has been to work out how to design a logo in arabic lettering to match the emotional meaning of the ‘English’ one we will be creating. Most major brands seem to manage this reasonably well, normally using a two-sided pack with one language on each side. But some…

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