1. Herbs and Salt of Provence on Shelf

    Whilst half of their Private Label range could be described as homage à sensual packaging design (the rest being Ready Meals), Marks & Spencer has added two very different offers to maximise its appeal to the middle class shopper. Firstly there’s a smattering of actual A-brands, but only an elite few that M&S knows people…

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  2. Olive Oil in a Greek Supermarket Shelf

    The Mediterranean diet isn’t a differentiating proposition here of course, so olive oil brands of all price levels abound. Many of these might look like an authentic if unsophisticated discovery brand sitting on the top shelf at Waitrose or Albert Heijn, but here they look like the undifferentiated and unbranded commodities that they are. A…

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  3. Spices Bottles in a French Supermarket

    A client recently told me that they were hoping to persuade the trade to group all their products in one place, in order to act as a beacon for consumers. The advantages to the brand are obvious, but this can work equally well for the retailer if the category is young and your brand has…

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  4. Sauce with character

    Posted by Steve on Apr 13th 2013 in: American Packaging, Condiments & Sauces

    Sauce section at an American supermarket

    Sauces wishing to present a bit of character usually tell a story about a ‘secret’ recipe, often belonging to an enigmatic-sounding gentleman (or lady) from the Deep South. Bottles are ornately embossed and adorned by labels suggesting they were batch-stamped by hand on an old printing machine. I found myself wanting to know more about…

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  5. Several Vegetable Oil Bottles on Shelf

    Oh dear, do these look like they ran down the same factory line this morning or what? Mazola feels like the true owner of a bottle (albeit cost-optimised  to obscurity) based on its corn heritage. Sharing a bottle has benefits of course, but here we’re seeing mainly the drawbacks – no system to explain how…

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