1. Food, glorious food!

    Posted by Steve on Nov 30th 2012 in: Food, glorious food!

    Pancakes with syrup and butter

    Apologies for the rather long gap between this blog and the last. Over the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of writing for marketing publications, sharing practical knowledge built up on recent projects. I’ve already recycled opinion pieces on Packaging for Kids and Authentic Packaging into blogs, and coming soon it will be…

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  2. Cup a Soup packs on shelf in The Netherlands

    Here’s a perfect example of the food shot dilemma – is this a stronger brand when we don’t see the final product steaming in the mug? Instead of showing us how good it will taste, a smiling mug tells us a story of how we might feel about this flavour – ‘Ooh la la’ in the…

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  3. Back to basics

    Posted by Steve on Nov 30th 2012 in: Food, glorious food!, Soup

    Covent Garden Soup Co carton packages on shelf

    New Covent Garden pioneered the soup carton, borrowing a metaphor from milk and juice to communicate freshness – at that time a real innovation for soup. Nowadays most competitors seem to favour tough-as-old-boots plastic cups, but NCG sticks to its guns admirably. Graphics tend to change pretty often though, and in the latest design we see a…

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  4. Pure and simple charm

    Posted by Steve on Nov 30th 2012 in: Bread, Cereals & Cakes, Food, glorious food!

    Whitworths range of sugar packages on shelf

    Sugar was never sweeter than this. Can’t you just imagine the scene, the kids getting out the flour, sugar, eggs and cupcake holders for a fun family morning in the kitchen? A highly emotional benefit driven by brand packaging, and one of my favourites. OK, you can lick your fingers now.

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  5. More is less?

    Posted by Steve on Nov 30th 2012 in: Food, glorious food!, Ready Meals

    Ready meals on shelf

    With perhaps the biggest surface area of any piece of food packaging in the supermarket, fresh pizza can do poster-sized product visuals to tempt our tastebuds from 5 metres. Of course we still want to see the uncooked real product inside the box, so we can check on the level of exaggeration. How can a brand…

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