1. How brands grow… on shelf

    Posted by Steve on Feb 27th 2013 in: How brands grow... on shelf

    how brands grow

    Recently I read one of the (buzzword approaching) go-to books in Marketing right now – Professor Byron Sharp’s ‘how brands grow – what marketers don’t know’. I was so impressed that I’ve been giving away copies to clients, often finding that they already have one. Never mind, my advice is to read it again and…

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  2. Circles and Squares

    Posted by Steve on Feb 27th 2013 in: How brands grow... on shelf, Personal care

    Body Lotion Brands on Spanish Supermarket Shelf

    Here’s the best example in years of a brand rediscovering a highly recognisable and much-cherished brand asset. They didn’t have to look far, but they did need to understand what they were looking for. Half the world knows the original Nivea creme product in its simple round blue and white tin. Now every Nivea product…

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  3. Kit Kat Chocolate Snacks on Shelf

    Nestlé sure know how to milk their assets, especially their milk chocolate ones. The unique product structure and mouthfeel of the four-fingered chocolate covered wafer had made Kit-Kat the UK’s favourite countline bar long before they acquired the brand. But after a few false starts, they’ve now got a firm handle on the design strategy…

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  4. Bertolli Margarine Packages on shelf

    If you’re going to do a cliché then do it well. Unilever’s Bertolli sends us a picture postcard from Tuscany which brings the rich world of olive oil to something as mundane as margarine. Distinctive, memorable, believable and travels well.

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  5. Several Vegetable Oil Bottles on Shelf

    Oh dear, do these look like they ran down the same factory line this morning or what? Mazola feels like the true owner of a bottle (albeit cost-optimised  to obscurity) based on its corn heritage. Sharing a bottle has benefits of course, but here we’re seeing mainly the drawbacks – no system to explain how…

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