1. Jubilee packaging

    Posted by Steve on Jun 01st 2012 in: Jubilee packaging

    Display window with two Union Jack flags in celebration on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012

    Times of uncertainty always create a resurgence of nostalgia, defined as ‘a yearning for the past, often in idealised form’. So as the World heads into choppy and uncharted economic waters, what could be more reassuring than a nice cup of tea, a biscuit and a spot of flag-waving? Nostalgia for us Brits doesn’t get…

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  2. Kelloggs using original character illustrations to celebrate de Jubilee

    Whilst most of the UK (packaging included) is covered in bunting, Union Jacks and the Queen’s profile, it is encouraging to see Kellogg’s do something different to celebrate the Jubilee. As most modern day cereal brands try to out-do each other on shelf with vibrant colours, cool 3D character illustrations, giveaways and mixtures of foil,…

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  3. Diamond Jubilee biscuit tins Special Edition

    What’s a designer to do when presented with a commemoration packaging brief in 2012? What with the Queen’s jubilee and Britain’s hosting of the Olympics falling within 6 weeks of each other, the shelves are groaning with vain attempts to use the Union Jack in a ‘creative’ way. Marks and Spencer have so many souvenirs…

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  4. Spirits bottles, some of them with Jubilee special Edition on shelf and 60 years old Johnny Walker diamond shaped bottle

    If you fancy celebrating the jubilee with something stronger than tea, then a quick glance at the spirits shelf might provide some inspiration. Or not. To be fair the ‘Pimm’s by Banksy’ look is actually quite striking so why try harder? Gordon’s on the other hand just looks like it had ‘better do something’. Not…

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  5. Original Source shower gel Jubilee special edition with Union Jack fllag

    Whilst most Jubilee-themed packaging is all about the Queen, British traditions and street parties, Original Source have chosen to make their commemorative design a ‘Seasonal Edition’. This clever choice of words means that come the 6th of June, when all the bunting and royal memorabilia have been taken down and people are heading back to…

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