1. Lessons from the shelf

    Posted by Steve on Jan 04th 2012 in: Lessons from the shelf

    Marmite jars on a supermarket shelf

    Welcome to the first Shelf Life of 2012, with an innovative new feature – the takeout. This is not, as my Scottish friends might assume, a voucher for a Chinese takeaway, but a simple summary of the marketing point behind each post. Of course when I say ‘point’ I really mean ‘point of view’, since…

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  2. Veuve Clicquot cooling bag

    Great to see Veuve back on top form after the fridge fiasco commented on in our November 2010 blog. Here we see a return to some fashion-based wit, with a tech-fabric cooling bag complete with faux leather handle and fastener, sporting the ‘VCP’ detail from the brand heraldry. Simply loving the sketched stitching and luggage tag, darling! Takeout: Clever and relevant…

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  3. Muesli section in a Dutch Albert Heijn supermarket

    As I explained in a recent seminar, Dorset Cereals uncovered a hidden army of muesli fans when it created a brand new story through packaging, and tens of thousands of consumers sighed with relief: “at last, a muesli that understands me!” I also showed the plethora of brands who suddenly felt the need to move their…

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  4. Designz for Heinz

    Posted by Steve on Jan 04th 2012 in: Condiments & Sauces, Lessons from the shelf

    Heinz food boxes and sauces bottles

    Working on a Heinz brief from the designer’s perspective is dominated by one question: How should I use the distinctive but sometimes overbearing tombstone (sorry, ‘keystone’) device? How much of it do I need to use to make it mean something? Better still, to make it mean the right thing? (Ok that’s 3 questions.) No point checking the brand…

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  5. Glass and metal

    Posted by Steve on Jan 04th 2012 in: Beer & Cider, Lessons from the shelf

    Grolsch beer boxes

    Those tried and trusted metaphors of crisp, clean taste (condensation and chrome) are present in spades on this new Grolsch pack from the Dutch market. Both these packs also offer some structural innovations for ever more convenient storage and retrieval. ‘Fridge pack’ and ‘Mini Crate’ are fairly prosaic descriptions, but a ‘Cool meter’ on each can sounds…

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