1. Stegeman Sausages Packagingon Albert Heijn Supermarket

    The form and material of packaging is by far the most effective storytelling tool in the designer’s box. It needs no words to instantly send the brain’s system 1 to the right place and time. This is easy to appreciate when dealing with form-rich packaging like the Coke bottle or Bonne Maman’s ‘visual proverb’ of…

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  2. Meat snacks at Albert Heijn supermarket in The Netherlands

    From Tesco’s black as slate to Stegeman’s black as a chalkboard. This one is extremely popular because it carries all kinds of associations, but mainly it’s about the look, smells and tastes of the delicatessen. I’m getting cured meats, artisan breads, cheese and delicious coffee just looking at the picture. An extra semiotic boost is…

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  3. Dutch Herring Boxes

    If there was such a thing as design Twitter, then the kind of packaging that wants to be your friend (AKA ‘do me an innocent’) has been trending for years. It even attracted a rather sarcastic blog. Whilst the UK may be a bit tired of ‘wackaging’ it’s still spreading throughout Europe, but here in…

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  4. Salmon packages in a Russian Supermarket

    Staying in the fresh aisle but moving two thousand miles North East, who wouldn’t be tempted by these juicy steaks of trout and salmon? Assuming that the product’s going to look this good anyway, what’s the job of the brand here? Surely to make me choose the most convincing and reassuring story of freshness, origin,…

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  5. Garnishing the truth

    Posted by Steve on Nov 30th 2012 in: Food, glorious food!, Meat & Fish

    Cold meat packages on shelf

    Given the choice, people like to see what they’re going to buy, especially when it claims to be fresh. Selling sliced meat or cheese presents several challenges – including approximating a fresh look in a plastic tray covered in a plastic film. Coloured trays, including some in convincing wood effect patterns can help, but it was the…

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