1. Packaging for kids

    Posted by Steve on Aug 17th 2012 in: Packaging for kids

    Cream cheese tubes packaging

    Welcome to Shelf Life Issue 9, devoted to the crazy, colourful, Looney‐Tuned world of packaging for kids. Given that we’re in the supermarket it’s usually packaging for the mums and dads of kids, who have to decode and decide whether this brand or product is something that is suitable for my beloved offspring. That’s where…

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  2. Entry level – draw a face

    Posted by Steve on Aug 17th 2012 in: Dairy products, Packaging for kids

    Tesco Yoghurt on shelf

    Anyone who’s ever fed a baby knows that it’s not as straightforward as it should be. Despite the fact that the little cutie is clearly hungry, and the meal you’ve prepared (or possibly just heated up) tastes fine to you, success is far from assured. As a result we engage in elaborate feeding games in…

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  3. Bring on the mascot

    Posted by Steve on Aug 17th 2012 in: Bread, Cereals & Cakes, Packaging for kids

    Cereal bars for kids on shelf

    Back in the days when all brands were made on TV and the biggest ones would be seen almost daily, it was possible to invest in some well-drawn characters and give them a bit of a story. A pretty simple story admittedly, in which their only activity was demonstrating the play value of the product…

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  4. Chocolate Yoghurt at a French supermarket

    Without going into how ‘sensation transference’ makes packaging a powerful communication medium (but do ask me about the seminar), it means that it’s OK to draw a face on the packaging (instead of the product, or its ingredients). Consumers don’t consciously separate products from packaging so it amounts to the same thing. Kids (even when…

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  5. Cookies for kids on shelf in France

    For many food manufacturers it’s a bit of a stretch to go beyond the ‘draw a face’ strategy because that means investing some serious time, effort and money developing your character to become ‘interesting’. Truly interesting for kids means a character with, well, character. What is their personality? Where do they live? What do they…

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