1. Stick on a famous face

    Posted by Steve on Aug 17th 2012 in: Packaging for kids, Water & Soft drinks

    Fruit juice carton packages on shelf

    This is by far the commonest way that expensive licenses are used in packaging design. It’s the equivalent of the ‘draw a face on it’ strategy in terms of effort and imagination, but of course you get better faces. The hope here is that Kids and parents are happy to consume a product just because…

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  2. Frubes cheese cream tubes for kids

    As kids grow older they master the skills that prepare them (eventually) for adult life. It’s a long series of stages that starts with walking and talking and ends (if they’re lucky) with the ability to charm their way into a well-paid job. But many years before charm is needed, Kids like to be able…

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  3. Best of both worlds (2)

    Posted by Steve on Aug 17th 2012 in: Dairy products, Packaging for kids

    Yoplait drinkable yoghurt

    Another Yoplait brand here, and it’s easy to see that beneath the format difference we have an identical strategy to that described above: French kids may not yet be ready to ‘suck their guts out’, but the bottle character of P’tit YOP performs a similar function to his British cousins the Frubes. Cleverly shot commercials make it…

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  4. No more mister nice guy

    Posted by Steve on Aug 17th 2012 in: Packaging for kids, Personal care

    Signal toothpaste for kids

    Around the age of seven to eight a major neurological development takes place in the brains of children, and a new way of understanding the world is born: Nuance. After this point kids realise that the world is more complex than good or bad, right or wrong, and they see that people can say one…

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  5. What are ogres like?

    Posted by Steve on Aug 17th 2012 in: Packaging for kids, Pot luck

    Shrek 3D carton shaped selling onions

    Well as nearly everyone on the planet knows from the first Shrek movie: “Ogres are like onions. We have layers…” This could be the motto for all older children’s hero characters, because it’s having layers that creates a truly complete character, with massive appeal across the age spectrum, including adults. This, along with major advances…

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