1. Black pasta packs on shelf and Yoghurt container with black details

    During a recent Private Label analysis I was impressed by the number of ways that the Tesco ‘finest’ brand has found to use the colour black. Hundreds of items in diverse categories throughout the store managed to declare their superior quality. In this way it’s easy for the shopper to identify the store’s premium offer,…

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  2. Noodles packs

    Visiting supermarkets in far away places is at least as much fun as going to local art galleries, even if the display values aren’t always up to the same standards. Nowhere is this more true than the noodle aisles in Vietnam, where there must be 100 brands of assorted styles of this staple food, taking…

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  3. Boy and girl fun

    Posted by Steve on Aug 17th 2012 in: Packaging for kids, Pasta & Rice

    Pasta Gender-Targeted Packaging

    Forget gender-political correctness – they’re different. 100% of parents and teachers, and nearly all objective scientific studies agree – boys and girls think differently, play differently, choose products differently. Boys are predominantly visual, so don’t expect them to read anything. They’re also highly physical, so no point in reaching out with emotional cues – just…

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  4. Rice sacks on shelf in Saudi Arabia

    With well over 20 brands available in this store, Saudi rice consumers (penetration: close to 100%) are not short of choices. Whilst these real sacks might stand out as incredibly natural and authentic on a European shelf, here they blur into one and feel quite cheap and generic. More premium offers use elaborate print techniques…

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  5. Middle England

    Posted by Steve on Nov 09th 2011 in: Condiments & Sauces, Country ambassadors, Pasta & Rice

    Waitrose Cooks product range

    In cooking aids, Waitrose’s degree of overtrading (its market share of one sector versus its share of all groceries) is now quite spectacular, due mainly to these stylish packs with an irresistible story: “I’m a proper cook”. With their chatty titles that take you half way into the recipe you’re going to use them in,…

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