1. Kiehl's Crafted Packaging

    Welcome to Kiehl’s New York Pharmacy (Madrid branch). You can now find these stores in the trendiest districts of the world’s cities, since the company discovered that staying in the past has become extremely fashionable. In the theatrical setting of your own beautifully designed retail space, with no competitors in sight, packaging can forget noisy…

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  2. Chance to shine

    Posted by Steve on Oct 31st 2014 in: Personal care, Retail therapy at the airport

    Chanel Chance Fragance Display at an airport

    I’ve heard of Chanel, but beyond No. 5, Coco and I seem to remember there was once a No. 9, I know nothing about their brand portfolio. But now I know this one, thanks to a simply brilliant piece of travel retail design. Simply is the key word, with a single brand, a small range…

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  3. Toiletries on a Supermarket Shelf

    We all recognise the power of the phrase ‘Laboratoires Garnier, Paris’, replete as it is with the semiotic power combo of Frenchness and science. Here in Singapore there are quite a lot of ‘L’apostrophe’ brands for the same reason, and in case you didn’t get it we’ll call this one ‘L’Action’ so you know it…

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  4. Several Fragrances on Shelf

    It’s tough being a young man, having to work out who you really are whilst getting an education, a job, and a girlfriend, to name but three essentials of adult life (at least for someone attracted to a brand named ‘Straight’). Your fragrance of choice can help with several of these challenges, and whilst I…

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  5. Circles and Squares

    Posted by Steve on Feb 27th 2013 in: How brands grow... on shelf, Personal care

    Body Lotion Brands on Spanish Supermarket Shelf

    Here’s the best example in years of a brand rediscovering a highly recognisable and much-cherished brand asset. They didn’t have to look far, but they did need to understand what they were looking for. Half the world knows the original Nivea creme product in its simple round blue and white tin. Now every Nivea product…

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