1. Felix and Whiskas cat food on a Supermarket Shelf

    I could write a book about the nature of the emotional bonds between humans and their pets, but this seemed to capture it nicely (at least for women and cats): ‘There’s something deeply fulfilling about knowing that, even in a complicated and often unkind world, you’ve managed to create a pocket of perfect security and…

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  2. 50 covers of grey

    Posted by Steve on Jul 29th 2013 in: Is grey the new black?, Pot luck

    Bookshelf with Mother's Day special offer

    Is the Harry Potter-esque success of the ‘Fifty Shades’ novels anything to do with the Author’s decision to brand herself through initials? If sales are anything to go by, ‘E L’ could be the new ‘J K’. They also both specialise in fantasy, though the tools of the protagonists’ trades are somewhat different. From a…

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  3. What are ogres like?

    Posted by Steve on Aug 17th 2012 in: Packaging for kids, Pot luck

    Shrek 3D carton shaped selling onions

    Well as nearly everyone on the planet knows from the first Shrek movie: “Ogres are like onions. We have layers…” This could be the motto for all older children’s hero characters, because it’s having layers that creates a truly complete character, with massive appeal across the age spectrum, including adults. This, along with major advances…

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  4. Food, but not as we know it

    Posted by Steve on Apr 25th 2012 in: Pot luck, What is authentic?

    Edible insect packs

    Here’s a challenging brief: sell the kind of food that authentic hunter-gatherers actually eat to rich westerners, right on the front end of the ‘early adopter’ curve. Resisting the temptation to show picturesque locations or exotic tribal dress, the ‘edible’ brand opts for a combination of retro Sci-Fi logo, scattered infographics and pharmaceutical packaging.

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  5. Reusable branding

    Posted by Steve on Jan 04th 2012 in: Lessons from the shelf, Pot luck

    Chiquita boxes

    Despite being a pack format that people don’t actually buy (unless they’re having a very big party for really healthy kids), our banana box for Chiquita still enjoys an iconic role within the consumer landscape. That’s because it is the storage box of choice for many market stall holders and car boot sale afficionados, and now I’ve told…

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