1. Indian Food Crafted Packaging at Waitrose

    If as I have suggested craft designs are trending because people are seeking a connection with a pre-industrial past, then it might be surprising to find them on something as modern as a ‘ding dinner’. In the UK we are the undisputed European champions of ready meal consumption, eating more than double the volume of…

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  2. Frozen Pizza at the Supermarket

    Vacuum packing is making a bit of a comeback in chilled foods, saving a lot of plastic in the process. The trouble is that the effect can look quite technical or even worse a bit weird, to those of us not familiar with another hot trend – cooking food ‘sous vide’ in a warm water…

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  3. Amy's Frozen Pizza on a Supermarket Shelf

    What’s the first thing you see here? I’m seeing the first slice of a delicious pizza, and a clever design system that enhances the mass display effect. Differently shaped wedges for each recipe attempt to ‘keep it real’, and a faux signature suggests there may be a real person behind all this; someone called Amy,…

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  4. Hungry Man Ready Meals on a Supermarket Refrigerator

    Ah, the Ready Meal or TV dinner as it was once known. Over the years the meaning of this concept has shifted from convenient luxury to a symbol of our double-income-no-time lifestyle, though in upscale chillers the dishes on offer have become remarkably good. Here in the US freezer aisle there’s a refreshingly down to…

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  5. More is less?

    Posted by Steve on Nov 30th 2012 in: Food, glorious food!, Ready Meals

    Ready meals on shelf

    With perhaps the biggest surface area of any piece of food packaging in the supermarket, fresh pizza can do poster-sized product visuals to tempt our tastebuds from 5 metres. Of course we still want to see the uncooked real product inside the box, so we can check on the level of exaggeration. How can a brand…

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