1. Alien soup

    Posted by Steve on Oct 24th 2013 in: Eastern promises, Soup

    Cantonese Soup Packs on Shelf in Asia

    Ah that’s better, a shelf full of products I can’t read and don’t recognise. There’s something deeply symbolic about Chinese characters (that’s what they call a truism!), but especially when hanging vertically. I asked a friend of mine for further explanation and learned that this is the traditional way of writing, though the horizontal option…

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  2. Cup a Soup packs on shelf in The Netherlands

    Here’s a perfect example of the food shot dilemma – is this a stronger brand when we don’t see the final product steaming in the mug? Instead of showing us how good it will taste, a smiling mug tells us a story of how we might feel about this flavour – ‘Ooh la la’ in the…

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  3. Back to basics

    Posted by Steve on Nov 30th 2012 in: Food, glorious food!, Soup

    Covent Garden Soup Co carton packages on shelf

    New Covent Garden pioneered the soup carton, borrowing a metaphor from milk and juice to communicate freshness – at that time a real innovation for soup. Nowadays most competitors seem to favour tough-as-old-boots plastic cups, but NCG sticks to its guns admirably. Graphics tend to change pretty often though, and in the latest design we see a…

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  4. Factory Food?

    Posted by Steve on Apr 25th 2012 in: Packaging around the world, Soup, What is authentic?

    Several soup brands in Canning Jars in a Dutch supermarket

    Here in Holland’s ‘marqt’, a knowingly cool modernisation of the Dutch for ‘market’ (markt), pretty much everything on shelf is from small, specialist, often organic brands. As an authentic Dutch staple food, soup is a prime candidate for the ‘made with love from the best ingredients story’, and as with my old favourite Bonne Maman…

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  5. Typeface soup

    Posted by Steve on Jan 27th 2012 in: Making a good impression, Soup

    Marks and Spencer soup range

    I’ve always thought that the characteristics of soup (a mixture of lots of different vegetables, herbs, colours and textures) lend themselves perfectly to a mélange of typefaces. The impression of a placed paper label seals the deal, and gives oodles of standout. Exactly the same idea as New Covent Garden, but even in this rather…

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