1. What is authentic?

    Posted by Steve on Apr 25th 2012 in: What is authentic?

    Saying authentic does not equal being authentic, written with handwritten font on a Poster

    We might as well start with the dictionary definition: 1 Of undisputed origin; genuine: authentic 14th-century furniture. 2 Made or done in the traditional or original way: authentic Italian meals. 3 True to one’s personality, spirit or character: an authentic blues singer. Over recent years we have witnessed a massive increase in consumers’ appetite for…

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  2. Factory Food?

    Posted by Steve on Apr 25th 2012 in: Packaging around the world, Soup, What is authentic?

    Several soup brands in Canning Jars in a Dutch supermarket

    Here in Holland’s ‘marqt’, a knowingly cool modernisation of the Dutch for ‘market’ (markt), pretty much everything on shelf is from small, specialist, often organic brands. As an authentic Dutch staple food, soup is a prime candidate for the ‘made with love from the best ingredients story’, and as with my old favourite Bonne Maman…

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  3. Yoghurt on a supermarket shelf

    Part of the authenticity game is not being seen to try too hard, so the beautifully crafted design above might be pushing its luck. The muted colours and matt card work well, but that stapled, handwritten ‘shopping list’ seems a bit contrived, and the traditional pattern on the bowls doesn’t come in those colours. But…

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  4. Yeo yoghurt on supermarket shelf

    Ah, our old friends Yeo Valley, or ‘Yeo Valley family farm’ as we must now call them. This story has always been true, but as recently as October 2010 I commented on the previous new design, heading into major brand/high impact/low emotion territory just as everyone else started bearing their authentic souls. Resistance was clearly futile, so…

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  5. Danish orange Juice carton packaging with a juice bottle printed on it

    Whilst the packaging material of choice for naturally produced, ‘authentic’ juices is clearly glass, here’s an artful example of getting many of the benefits of a heavy, expensive, charmingly old-fashioned bottle without having to actually use one! I have no idea if Danish juice brand Rynkeby uses or has ever used such a bottle, but…

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