Oct 24, 2013

Cha Cha Chic Choc

There’s a thin line between fitting in with market codes and copying the leading brand. I guess when the leading brand is the market code (as is often the case in confectionery), it’s a tough call for the lawyers.

Here in Indonesia there are no prizes for guessing what’s inside that red pack of Chic Choc, but the presence of the blue variant might help them if it went to court. Cha Cha on the other hand manages to look like it really is trying to do its own thing, and indeed it’s more top of mind than its global competitor when you talk to kids.

Along with Beng Beng and Nanu Nanu to name but two, these brands are also working with a cultural aspect of the Indonesian language: Repeating something makes it come across as stronger (in taste, or importance). Oh, m&m’s already thought of that…