Nov 18, 2010

Character, anyone?

It’s not difficult to get an illustrator to draw a cool looking character. It’s not that difficult to make an animated film or ad with your character, probably in 3D by next week. It’s another thing to make me (= your consumer) care, though you might get away with it for a while if I’m under 6 years old.

It sounds obvious but a character can only exist in the context of his or her story, so “Hi Kids, it’s me!” doesn’t really count.

“Welcome to my fun, jungle world!” does count, and it seems Kellogg’s sells enough Chocolate flavoured cereal to justify a design per country, or at least per region. This version seems to work better (at storytelling, and coding) than many I’ve seen in Europe.

Good to see masked dude again too, though only French TV watchers can tell me if I should care. Eventually someone will tell me what the ‘Z’ stands for…