Jun 28, 2011

Chocolate arms race

Appetite appeal is an important part of shelf impact, as we’ve all experienced when shopping whilst hungry.

The design of chocolate packaging almost invariably comes with some sort of brown whirlpool that whisks the drooling consumer off to some fantasy where they are bathing in the stuff. Say.

But when every product on the shelf has a similarly mouthwatering image, what else can you do to make yours stand out that little bit more?

Combinations of embossing, gold foil and matt/gloss varnishes abound, but these are equally available to all brands, and private label.

The branding of Nestlé, Lindt and Cote d’Or offers reassurance of quality and heritage, no doubt backed up by some delicious (and possibly swirly) advertising, featuring a chocolatier or two.

There’s a hint of a different mood from one of these brands, but for my money it’s a long way from standing out.