May 20, 2011

Choices, choices…

Two stories here: Firstly I loved this line up of Weetos, Krave and Weetabix Chocolate ‐ it was like watching chocolate cereals grow up in one metre of shelf space (even though they’re all happily eaten by 8 year‐olds).

The Kellogg’s sub‐brand known as Krave in the UK (and Trésor in most of the world) is targeted at ‘young adults’, but looking at the ads around the world it’s clear that younger consumers are also going to lovethis story. The product’s snacking potential (it’s like a tiny Nutella tortilla), hasn’t been lost on Kellogg’s ‐ Countline formats also exist.

But the relatively consistent marketing of today masks a fascinating back story of how exactly the same product is/was/could have been branded. Judging by these packs, collated by a US‐based Trésor fanatic, the target group and brand story is a very moveable feast.

I find this an illuminating example of the choices faced by Marketing and Innovation teams, and the power of packaging to articulate those choices. Not sure if ‘articulate’ is the right way to describe ‘Trésor Grrr’ however!