1. Shelf Life rides again

    Posted by Steve on Jun 23rd 2017 in: Shelf Life rides again

    Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.24.35

    Welcome to this special edition of Shelf Life, the blog that comments on the new brands, new packaging designs and innovations popping up daily in supermarkets, worldwide. Nowadays the blog lives on my Linked-In profile, but I thought it might be useful to collate the top 10 ‘liked’ posts from the past 3 months. Enjoy!…

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  2. 5 Food & Drink Trends to Watch in 2017

    Posted by Ewa Semenowicz on Feb 25th 2017 in: Blog post

    food and rink trends 2017

    A sneak peek of what’s about to blow up on the food & drink scene. Has food & drink ever been bigger, better, cooler, more artisanal, more crafted, gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free, full of ancient grains – well you get the point – than now? Driven by the ever-so-easily-bored millennials, food & drink…

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  3. Coco Face bottles

    Naturally I assume that your product is great tasting, offers something new and interesting for a specific consumer, and keeps its promises. But wait…. is that enough? Creating top-drawer branding and packaging for any new drink has never been so challenging. You’ll want your product to fly off the shelf – that’s a given. But long…

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  4. Nordur Salt Crafted Packaging

    I’ve written frequently on the subject of so-called ‘craft’ brands springing up everywhere. According to packaging design website The Dieline, such brands are harnessing a trend towards ‘visual authenticity’ in their design language. The Dieline’s founder Andrew Gibbs coined this term recently and defined it as: ‘a real, trusted, human connection to the products and…

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  5. Kiehl's Fathers day shop window display

    It will soon be ‘Father’s Day’ again, that time of year when kids and adults alike are forced by the marketing machine of the greeting card and gift industry to buy something for their Dad. This means that the shops and the internet are stuffed to the gunnels (look it up) with products that are…

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