Consumer World: Families with kids at home tend to have one fixed weekly meal occasion, when the ‘rules’ are relaxed and they can enjoy each other’s company over an easy, filling and tasty meal. This is the moment when deep fried snacks come into their own.

Brand World: Dominated by one player with Beckers a distant second after years of under-investment. This is now being reversed by the new management team, with new brand strategy, positioning, communication and product innovation. Package that!

Connection: Simple and strong red design that shines from the freezer, thanks to the bright, welcoming logo that incorporates the brand’s famous strapline: ‘lekkers van Beckers’. Appetising meals set on a red check tablebloth, a universal symbol of family togetherness.

Success: Arnoud de Vrij, Marketing Manager: ‘This project was very effective because we involved OP from the start in co-creation, visualising and testing our brand positioning ideas. The new packaging is preferred four to one by consumers, and has been enthusiastically received by our trade partners, helping us to build distribution as we prepare to relaunch Beckers with a brand new campaign.’