Consumer World: People pursue pleasure in food and drink in different ways, both individually and under the influence of the national food culture. UK Sweetener users have two main motives: “Let me keep my sweet fix”, and “What’s the smart solution?”

Brand World: Canderel Red is the brand leader and growing, as more consumers swop sugar for the default replacement. The Stevia (green) segment is a growth opportunity, but needs unlocking based on balancing natural and ‘smart’ signals.

Connection: Simplified dominant and sensual red cues of Canderel, including the logo, jar lid and strawberry visual evoke carefree pleasure, underlined by the bold claim ‘delicious sweet taste’. Canderel Green renamed ‘sweetness from a leaf’ and supported by leaf motif and leaf-shaped window. Careful balance of light and dark green with white and the red brand hot spot; or as one consumer reported: ‘like a red cherry’.

Success: Odile Marriott, Marketing Director: ‘Osborne Pike triggered us with their analysis of the category codes, which mirrored closely our own research findings. They are now a valuable partner in our strategic design development of the Canderel portfolio.’

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