Consumer World: Fun-loving twenty-something women, still close to family but now loving independence and city life. They are fashion-conscious, know where and what is hot and freely share opinions and experiences across social media. They don’t pretend to know a lot about wine but prefer it light and sparkling, with friends.

Brand World: Lower in alcohol ‘starter’ wines, beers and mixers, especially sparkling and semi-sparkling sweeter wines. Sold mainly in supermarkets rather than off-licenses.

Connection: Chic, iconic mark and a colour palette of black with vibrant pink and green providing sudden splashes of colour and fun. For the fruit range, conversational typography and a bubbly new name, ‘Frizini’. The elegant and unique tall bottle.

Success: Manon de Gunst, Marketing Manager: ‘Canei is a well-known and much-loved brand in The Netherlands, and we also have some thriving export markets like USA and China. Now it has a stronger, younger brand identity to really project its personality and allow us to innovate in flavours, formats and new products.’