Consumer World: Fun-loving twenty-something women, still close to family but now loving independence and city life. They are fashion-conscious, know where and what is hot and freely share opinions and experiences across social media. They don’t pretend to know a lot about wine but prefer it light and sparkling, with friends.

Brand World: Lower in alcohol ‘starter’ wines, beers and mixers, especially sparkling and semi-sparkling sweeter wines. Sold mainly in supermarkets rather than off-licenses.

Connection: Chic, iconic mark and a colour palette of black with vibrant pink and green providing sudden splashes of colour and fun. For the fruit range, conversational typography and a bubbly new name, ‘Frizini’. The elegant and unique tall bottle.

Success: Carlijne van der Tuijn, Marketing Manager: ‘Canei is a well-known and much-loved brand in The Netherlands and we also have some thriving export markets like Spain,USA and China. With this new label design for our core products ( Canei Frizzante White and Rose) we give our brand identity a premium up-grade in order to sustain the growth, and with the strong ambition to thrive volume in the next years. Together with the crest embossing on the bottle all confirm the authenticity of the Canei brand to reinforce our strong heritage.’