Consumer World: Deep down people have joyful childhood memories of eating bananas – it’s one of our first real foods. As a result the fruit shop is fondly remembered as a place of bright colours, fresh aromas and friendly voices. Nowadays we all know we should eat more fruit but our busy lives make convenience paramount.

Brand World: Chiquita is known for the best quality bananas, recognised by the famous blue sticker and Miss Chiquita icon. More recently the brand has innovated with smoothies and fresh fruit kiosks.

Connection: The Chiquita Fruit Bar becomes a fruit shop ‘oasis’ in the urban jungle, created with fruit crates, banana leaves and chalkboard messaging. Translated into an overall brand guideline and applied to point of sale and communication.

Success: Chris Pieterse, Business Development Director: ‘The identity work brought the brand to life and enabled us to innovate more easily. The banana POS was also able to deliver sales growth in a very challenging market’.