Consumer World: Our modern lifestyles increasingly encourage a snacking food culture, but people are conflicted about this and can’t decide between solutions that are ‘responsible but boring’ or ‘naughty but nice’. Our target group wants to break this cycle and ‘Just Eat It!’

Brand World: Danio is a unique product that combines creamy fromage frais with refreshing yoghurt, in 10 scrummy varieties. Naturally it has its copies, so to activate and galvanise the brand Danio offers Special and Limited Edition products, giving consumers new flavour experiences and a little mental lift.

Connection: An instant choice of holiday moods: Party tropical-style with Mango Papaya, or Chill at the pool with cool Coco Lime. OK you spotted it, it’s Fromage Frais meets Ibiza, but what’s not to like about that?

Success: Maxence Caillet and Pierre-Louis Bertrand, Jr and Sr Brand Managers: ‘For Summer 2015, we launched successfully the two new Limited Editions Danio Party & Relax. Osborne Pike came up with a great choice of ideas, proving both their creativity and excellence in execution. We really liked the feel-good factor of this one.’

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