Consumer World:  Regular to frequent buyers of Organic products who are also attracted to brands from small, specialist, ‘local’ producers who really care about what they make. They are looking for products that taste pure and natural and believe that these are also better for them.

Brand World:  Roel & Wyno Vermeulen are apple farmers, like their father before them. He came to live in the newly reclaimed province of Flevoland in 1966, with a dream to create a fruit-farming business in the rich, virgin soil of the polder. As a family they’ve been farming apples for nearly 50 years, and during that time they discovered that the best eating apples also make the tastiest juice. In 1992 they created Flevosap: A 100% natural, deliciously sweet and crisp apple juice, which is partially filtered (hence cloudy), giving it a richer and fuller taste.

Connection:  Preserving the naivety of the 23 year old original design but with a more crafted execution. The simple scene of a smiling apple in a wide open polder landscape has been given more charm by adding the orchard, and creating all the graphic elements and typography as if cut out of apple peel. And not forgetting the perfectly crafted strapline created by our good friend Ed: ‘Het sap waar je de smaak ziet zitten’.

Success:  Roel Vermeulen, Co-owner: ‘It was a bit of a surprise to find ourselves working with a British agency to update our labels, after I’ve spent 20 years turning away plenty of local designers who wanted to improve the original. We first worked with Osborne Pike on an export brand, but their understanding and feeling for our product gave us confidence to trust them with ‘the family silver’. We love the new design and it’s given us a platform to build our brand image and innovations.’

The Flevosap orchard

The moodboard of the old Flevosap design

Before and after the redesign of Flevosap

Steve and the client

The second image of the Flevosap orchard