Consumer world: Professional athletes and devoted sportsmen and women who want to perform at their best. They value transparency and fair play. Maintaining fitness and managing injuries is part of their lifestyle and they want to do it the safe way, avoiding drug-based treatments if possible.

Brand world:Playing sport and fitness training is becoming increasingly popular. Lots of brands claim to improve performance, and pharmaceutical products compete with ‘high performance’ everything: shoes, socks, joint braces, etc. Flexiseq is gaining acceptance among professional athletes as a drug-free product for rehabilitation and re-conditioning. It allows active people to manage joint pain and restore joint function without the use of drugs – it is free of all trace substances banned by the world anti-doping agency.

Connection: The new packaging design uses carbon fibre background as a metaphor for agility, flexibility, strength and modernity. The choice of a black colourway with flashes of metallic green reinforces the sport and high performance messages. The key visual clearly explains the pain relief benefit and this is further highlighted by embossing.

Success: Nick Baverstock, Marketing Manager: ‘OP simply ‘got’ our brief in one. The first presentation left us spoilt for choice – each concept was a pleasure to review and whilst they captured everything we wanted to convey with our brand, they each offered a different perspective. We have never experienced such a seamless process before!

The final brand identity has had nothing but praise from all that use it: Professionals, advisors, stakeholders and consumers. We are delighted with this result and I’d like to thank the dutiful and enthusiastic team at OP.’

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