Consumer World: Who doesn’t like cheese? All over the world, it is seen as a natural and pleasurable food, used in myriad ways from snacking to cooking. Cheese represents the coming together of family and friends around delicious food. It is a symbol of caregiving and devotion.

Brand World: Naturally ripened (as opposed to processed) cheese is a heavily commoditised category, sold mostly by cheese type, not brand. Where brands do exist, they mostly represent regional or national cheese types. Frico is a global brand with a 120 year history, that was designed for export from the beginning. In many countries it stands for the family-friendly taste and texture of Dutch classics like Gouda and Edam, and a reliable trading partner by retailers.

Connection: A friendlier but familiar red and white brand badge provides a gateway to an illustration of an idyllic Dutch landscape, featuring contented cows grazing on those famously lush green pastures. In the foreground a new and future distinctive asset: Jan the cheesemaker, who will be used in advertising and brand activation in the coming years.

Success: John Michalaros, International Marketing Director: “Frico has been identified as one of our future ‘power brands’, with ambitious growth planned in both existing and new markets. The new Frico design system created by Osborne Pike gives us the tools to both communicate and innovate, as well as creating a distinctive brand at the shelf and cheese counter”.