Frico Russia

Consumer World: Russian people are enjoying higher living standards. Whilst they are proud of their country they often prefer imported food brands, where they perceive these to denote higher quality. Trust has to be earned by brands, by demonstrating their authenticity.

Brand World: The mainstream ‘daily’ cheese market is dominated by unbranded products, so there is an opportunity to become the leading branded player. Frico uniquely offers a range of different Dutch cheese experiences, each expertly-ripened and made in Holland by experienced craftsmen.

Connection: Frico’s authentic origins and rich history (going back to 1898), are depicted through a detailed expression of not just the country of Holland, but the region or city of origin. Decorative typography and illustration give a sense of trust and craftsmanship.

Success: Polina Petyukova, Brand Manager: ‘The aim of this project was to claim the status of the authority in Dutch cheeses. Our research shows that the new designs stand out significantly better on shelf and also delivered an increase in purchase intent of 7%.’