Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt

Consumer World: Beer lovers have never had it so good. Over the past 20 years the craft beer movement has fuelled an explosion in taste, variety and innovation. It’s also created a new type of relationship between consumer and producer, in which authentic stories about real people, and not glossy advertising, drive the marketing.

Brand World: The craft boom was driven by thousands of passionate, small producers. Some of the more successful (and willing) of these have now been acquired by global players, who take great care to preserve the appeal of their precious new assets. Hertog Jan has been a ‘best kept secret’ of AB-InBev since before craft beer was a thing. Its flagship sub-brand Grand Prestige has been sold as a bottle-aged variant for many years already, but recently HJ’s Brewers learned an exciting new trick from its sister brand Goose Island: second (or third) use barrel-ageing. They lost no time coming up with a full range of ‘vatgerijpt’ Grand Prestige brews for their fans.

Connection: It’s all about the barrel. A resting barrel is a subtle but distinctive feature of the new brand mark for ‘Hertog Jan Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt’ (quite a mouthful to say, but easy to understand thanks to a carefully balanced design). The label paper is deeply embossed with a black wood texture, whilst the special outer packaging is based on a quarter-barrel segment.

Success: Paul Rijks, Brand Manager: “Grand Prestige Barrel-aged represents the highest level of the Brewer’s art and a perfect way to showcase the new collaborative spirit infusing our Craft Brewers around the world. Osborne Pike have crafted the design DNA of Hertog Jan, but with ‘Vatgerijpt’ they have taken it to a new level, creating real packaging interactivity to enrich the consumer experience.”

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