Hertog Jan Ongekend

Consumer World: Continuing with the brand’s strategic objective of communicating to the consumer group of ‘Authentic Explorers’, ‘Ongekend’ (Unknown) is a strictly limited edition beer that appeals to people who love to use all of their senses to explore the richness of life.

Brand World: Hertog Jan stands for authenticity and craftsmanship, high quality and accessible refinement. It is considered one of the best Dutch beers, and uses its actual Brewers to communicate both its products and its values. Limited Edition beers offer a sense of occasion, scarcity and ritual that rewards beer enthusiasts with rich stories and a sense of adventure.

Connection: The name ‘Ongekend’ and the concept behind it (buy it first, then we’ll explain what it is’) already sets the scene of mystery and discovery. The black earthenware ‘kruik’ bottle with a wired cork epitomises the artisan brewery’s output, but the challenge was to heighten the sense of authenticity and the value of the experience, given that the retail price is €15 per bottle. This was achieved by presenting the bottle minimally labelled and framed in a simple cardboard outer, with a secret compartment to hide the Brewer’s note (explaining the full story of the beer) underneath the bottle.

Success: Carmen Helmink, Brand Manager: ‘Osborne Pike have really helped us to bring the story of our ‘Ongekend’ brew alive. We made it available at a few select places, including our own Brewery shop, and the response has been fantastic. We’ve had people queuing to get their hands on it, and praise from craft beer bloggers, all of which has boosted Hertog Jan’s reputation as the brand that really cares about beer.’