Hertog Jan

Consumer World: Beer consumers come in many different shapes and sizes, as do their drinking patterns and preferences. In this project we were interested in appealing more strongly to ‘Authentic Explorers’ and ‘Experience Maximisers’ as well as keeping the brand’s loyal Traditionalists happy. This means carefully balancing signals across a diverse portfolio.

Brand World: Hertog Jan is the number 4 beer brand in The Netherlands after the ‘HAGs’ (Heineken, Amstel, Groslch), but it has a clear position in the market, standing for authenticity and craftsmanship, high quality and accessible refinement. It is considered one of the best Dutch beers. It is also unique in the richness of its brand story, encompassing Pilsener and a wide range of specialty beers, plus its own small craft brewery in the southern province of Limburg.

Connection: A love of beer and the desire to increase their knowledge of the people, places and expertise associated with it. The new packaging highlights the Arcen brewery and its team of artisan brewers, provides detailed information on individual brews, focuses on the appetite appeal of the products and unites the range with a strong brand architecture. All of this is held together by the brand’s 13th Century icon: John 1, Duke of Brabant, a.k.a. ‘Hertog Jan’.

Success: Erik Soeteman, Marketing Manager: ‘Osborne Pike met our brief in spades, with the winning design meeting all the benchmarks in our quantitative research. It drives stronger preference, higher visibility and key brand messages such as craftsmanship, quality and taste’.

Hertog Jan logo before and after, designed by Osborne PikeHJ STOERY IMAGES 2HJ STOERY IMAGES 4HJ STOERY IMAGES 6