Holland Master

Consumer World: People who are seeking new ways to experience and express their unique identity, and for whom food is one of the things that inspires them.

These consumers desire more pleasure and sensation from products, both for themselves and to enhance a sharing moment. But as well as indulgence, in a world of rising uncertainty they are also seeking trust, heritage and authenticity.

Brand World: Cheese is considered a simple, natural and authentic product providing everyday goodness – an icon for realness, authenticity and trust. It is a natural, basic food, but at the same time rich & sensorial.

A branded proposition in cheese needs to respect and build on the codes of the product’s heritage. The Dutch cheese-making tradition goes back centuries, but as well as provenance ‘Dutchness’ stands for an open-minded and modern culture, a love of exploring the world to meet like-minded souls.

The cheeses in this range existed in many different brand portfolios, fragmented and hardly visible. In contrast competitor Old Amsterdam presents a clear and classy image in aged Gouda cheese.

Connection: The name Holland Master was a given, so we crafted the identity to combine two contrasting aspects of the brand truth: Respect for the roots and the heritage of the products, through the emblem that combines a windmill and two Dutch trading ships in the form of a crown; at the same time a contemporary personality is conveyed by the signature aspect of the word ‘Master’.

Craftsmanship is emphasised by layered product information labels, featuring the cheese’s name, age and tasting notes; on pre-packed slices and wedges a deeply appetising food image signals the special qualities of the consumption moment.

Success: Adrian Man, International Marketing Manager: ‘The project was very challenging from a creative point of view – creating a premium identity, authentic but at the same time modern and forward-looking.

We found the Osborne Pike team to be highly creative, action focused and involved. The packaging scored very well in market research, where consumers found the brand and packaging design ‘classy, elegant, and flavourful’.

As well as creating the branding and packaging, we invited OP to develop the brand communication idea and a detailed brand book, which will guide and inspire the local teams around the world.