Consumer World: Confident world travellers who delight in finding the right path, not the most obvious. This includes product and brand choices, where they are proud of having travelled some rough and rugged roads, to acquire tastes that aren’t for everyone.

Brand World: Laphroaig is a classic discovery brand, one that has consequently avoided the pretty designs and range logic that line the single malt shelves. Requiring communication of two new products within the portfolio – natural cask strength and eighteen years old.

Connection: Simple, ‘unspoiled by progress’ brand signature elements strengthened,  with the distinctive features of the two products seamlessly added: Pure, authentic and raw for Cask Strength; mellow, premium and aged for 18 years old.

Success: Halley Kehoe, Global Scotch brand manager: ’Osborne Pike intuitively understood the Laphroaig brand story and personality. As a result, their designs for two quite different expressions communicate the character of each whisky without compromising the brand’s idiosyncratic visual language.’