Consumer World: Women with families looking to lead (and give their kids) active and fulfilling lives; they are health conscious and might read ingredients lists occasionally, but they’re not nutrition-obsessed.

However they are confused by the plethora of claims used by brands and feel they don’t know who to trust.

Brand World: LiGA is the originator of a uniquely Dutch phenomenon known as ‘responsible in-betweens’, biscuits focused on good nutrition and used as snacks by a large proportion of people.

LiGA has created a nutritional value program to re-establish trust in the category, explaining in simple and transparent language the purpose behind, and benefits of, each of its products.

Connection: ‘LiGA Manifesto’ poster on pack, with a product visual as hero, supported by clear information about its nutritional qualities. The manifesto has a key visual which illustrates the LiGA payoff (‘Er Tegenaan’) as a journey through life.

Success: Cees Hannema, Marketing Manager: ‘We are delighted with the result of this redesign, which consumers decode exactly as we wanted: LiGA is a brand with heritage that’s been trusted by generations.

Now the reasons for this trust are boldly and believably presented on pack. Osborne Pike presented us with a wide range of exciting ideas, and we were able to quickly find a strong direction that successfully met all our objectives. The project was smoothly and expertly managed by the agency within a challenging timeframe.’

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